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Dive Technologies is delivering the most reliable and most flexible Autonomous Underwater Vehicles to enable safe and successful access to the greatest depths of world’s oceans.

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Dive Technologies Products & Services

With an eye to bringing AUV 2.0 to the market, Dive Technologies is proud to offer the DIVE-LD commercial AUV and a customizable AUV-Kit to the market today. The extreme flexibility of our architecture offers customers a solution for rapid integration of complex payloads or multi-sensor suites. The DIVE-LD and AUV-Kit are available for purchase and in a Robot-as-a-Service model.

Commercial Survey

Commercial survey operators have major pain points and Dive listened.  Prioritizing payload flexibility, low-logistics, pier launched capability, and long endurance coupled with market-leading advanced autonomy, our vehicles are tailormade for your littoral and deep-water survey and inspection needs.

Defense Applications

The DIVE-LD is based on a unique architecture that is flexible and robust, well-suited for technology demonstrations, and ideal for mass distribution of subsea nodes across the world’s oceans.  The DIVE-LD commercial AUV is easily scaled into an extra-large platform, the DIVE-XL.

AUV Platform Services

For customers not needing to own a DIVE-LD or AUV-Kit today, Dive offers a Robot-as-a-Service model with day, month, and annual lease rates available to accommodate your data collection and technology demonstration needs.

Join Our Team

Want to be part of a team on the cutting edge of subsea robotics development? Dive Technologies is hiring to expand our team and disrupt the industry.