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Dive Technologies has one goal: to produce the most reliable Autonomous Underwater Vehicles in the world's oceans at a disruptive price point. Best in class reliability will enable safe and successful access into the depths of the unknown.

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About Us

Who We Are

Dive Technologies is a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) founded by engineers with a passion for undersea exploration and the experience to bring novel subsea robotics to life. We believe that ocean exploration deserves a capable and reliable AUV to deliver data at an acceptable price and Dive Technologies AUVs are the answer.

With a small, nimble, and focused team and a careful balance of engineering rigor, discipline, creativity, and agility, Dive Technologies is taking a new approach to AUVs with a simple elegance that delivers capability at an unparalleled level – changing ocean exploration forever.


Commercial Survey

Low cost, industry-leading endurance, and maximized vehicle availability make our vehicle ideal for littoral and deep-water survey and inspection missions.


Engineering & manufacturing services. Our large displacement vehicle (LDUUV) is based on a unique architecture that is robust, cost-efficient, and easily scaled for an extra-large (XLUUV) platform.

AUV Platform Services

Dive Technologies’ proprietary architecture and unmatched payload capacity provide an ideal platform to demonstrate developmental and next generation technologies.


Dive Technologies’ AUV architecture promotes simple integration of industry leading and next generation energy, communications, and payload technologies. Rapid adaptations to our core vehicle platform showcase unmatched versatility and efficiency while remaining steadfast on uncompromised reliability and affordability. Architected to support long duration missions at full ocean depth, Dive Technologies AUVs are the answer to boundless ocean exploration.



We believe that with the right people, everything is possible. If you think big, execute swiftly, and have a genuine care for others, yourself, and your work, please inquire about joining our team.

Current Openings

Coming Soon

  • AUV Software Engineer
  • AUV Engineering Technician
  • AUV Systems Test Engineer

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